Board of Directors
The Constitution of Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd., known as The Institute, refers to the Board of Directors as the National Executive.

Members of the National Executive are expected to uphold the policies and operations of The Institute in the best interest of Kinesiology, Kinesiology practitioners and its Members; to uphold The Institute referendum voting and democratic decision making procedures; and to assist in the formulation of policy and procedures and share the actioning of its decisions.

Most of all, its responsibility is to ensure The Institute is successfully managed, administratively and financially to deliver membership benefits. Other important responsibilities are to set and review organizational strategy and objectives; ensuring processes are in place and to maintain control including compliance and risk management.

Appointment of National Executive (NE) Positions 2018 - Incoming Board


At the AGM held on Sat, 24th of February 2018 new National Executives were appointed. We would like to congratulate the following members for joining the AIK Ltd Board:

President: Julia Brunner
Vice President: Claire Vannuccini
Secretary: Carmen Wood
Treasurer: Sherida Bass
Board Member: Kathyrn Cole
Board Member: Michelle Teunon
Board Member: Sooz Erskine
Board Member: Sherril Taylor

Appointment of National Executive (NE) Positions 2017 - Outgoing Board


President &

AIK CAB Committee


ColeenMcClymans1.jpg - small

Coleen McClymans (WA)



Vice President &

AIK CAB Co-Ordinator


 Verona Gibson (WA)






 Zena Hosseini (VIC)






Janis Harm (WA)




2018 Conference Co-Ordinator


Doris Mounsey (VIC)




Health Fund Co-Ordinator



Suzanne McGrath (VIC)



AIK CAB Committee &

2018 Conference Committee


 Jordie Slonim (VIC)


E-Indicator Editor &

2018 Conference Committee


 Li Lin Cheah (NSW)




 Paul Thomson (NSW)




2018 Conference Committee



 Sherril Taylor (QLD)



Sub Committees
The AIK CAB and 2018 Conference Sub Committees are comprised of:
AIK CAB  Committee
Coordinator - Verona Gibson
Member - Coleen McClymans
Member - Jordie Slonim
2018 Conference Committee
Coordinator - Doris Mounsey
Member - Jordie Slonim
Member - Li Lin Cheah
Member - Sherril Taylor



AIK Ltd Administration


This is a part-time administration role that supports and assists the National Executive Directors in looking after all incoming calls, emails, correspondence, requests and enquiries from the public and new and existing AIK Ltd members. Christina is the person that also looks after the roles of Membership Registration and Health Fund management for the members under the guidance of the National Executive Directors.





Christina Groebl