The AIK Ltd National Conference 2016 was held in February at the beautiful, Peppers Salt Resort & Spa in Kingscliff, NSW. The theme was Nuture, Rejuvenate & Inspire, Kinesiology takes a leap into the future!


A fantastic array of techniques, demonstrations, approaches to business and several flower essence products were introduced. We had Sylvia Marina & Parijat Wismer talking about healing through the heart and Lisa Hare speaking on the heart of business. Terese Mudgeway spoke on some great tips for success in a Kinesiology business. Hugo Tobar spoke about consciousness, stress and formatting while Trevor Savage spoke about improving health and destressing with N.O.T.


Sandie Lovell and Ann Parker introduced us to 8 extraordinary channels and Phillip Rafferty spoke about the cause and treament of chronic pain. Jennifer Beasley opened us up to vaccines and reverse recuperation and Andrew Verity showed the possibilities for integrating neuro science into kinesiology.


Sherril Taylor showed us the boundaries within and without with kinesiology and acupuncture. Matty Rainbow took us through a beautiful singing bowl meditation. Karmina Gordon introduced her elemental mist collection, Rowena Ritchie showed the Australian Living Flower Essences, made with love, and Rachelle Sewell and Melanie Simmons spoke about lives between lives and their range of Resonance Essences.


Brendan O'Hara delivered not only a wonderful talk about fun with the reflexes, but also played host to a marvellously entertaining series of auctions throughout the 2 day Conference.

Overall, it was an incredibly informative and entertaining Conference and we are very much looking forward to the next one in 2018!


Much gratitude to all who attended and all who were involved.


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The AIK Ltd National Conference 2014 was held at the Crown Promenade Conference Centre in Melbourne on 8th and 9th of March 2014.  It was a fantastic weekend, everyone enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere, the great speakers, and the fellowship!


Here are a few photos of the weekend -


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AIK Ltd Conference of 2012 held in Sydney, 24th and 25th of March


Photos -



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