Health Funds and Kinesiology

Section 10 of Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules 2008 pursuant to the PHI Act 2007 means that all health care providers in Australia must be members of professional organizations that represent that particular health care modality to receive the provider recognition with health funds.
Individual practitioners are no longer allowed to apply for and maintain the provider status directly with health funds. Rather this is now done through associations that have earned the Accreditation. The Institute has the Accreditation following a successful completion of an independent audit organized by the health funds.

The below list of health funds cover Kinesiology and recognize The Institute's eligible Professional members as health care providers in Australia.

AIK Ltd Provider Recognition with the following Health Funds (April 2017) 
AIK Health Funds - April 2017



BUPA:  BUPA Australia has stated that Providers applying on or after 1 July 2009 must have a minimum of HLT51507 Diploma in Kinesiology (new: HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology) and applicants without an Australian National Qualification under the National Health Package HLT07 must have their 'current competencies' assessed by a Registered Training Organisation, RTO, to determine "equivalency".

BUPA click here for Our Ancillary Povider Terms

HCF: The above also applies to HCF. In addition, the CPR component (HLTAID001) of the Senior First Aid has to be kept current and has to be renewed before or on its expiry date (since Dec 2016). Since the CPR component is only valid for one year, it has to be renewed annually in order to be recognised as a HCF provider.


Australian Unity:  Providers applying on or after 2 September 2013, Australian Unity only recognises new providers that have a nationally accredited or endorsed qualification, as current on the national VET register. These qualifications can be viewed on the website.


Australian Unity: Providers applying on or after 1 September 2014, Australian Unity only recognises new providers that have a minimum of HLT51507 Diploma in Kinesiology (new: HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology)


Australian Unity click here for AU Provider Number Application Form


* GU Health is part of the Australian Unity Group and follows the same guidelines for education recognition.

HBF: Providers applying on or after 1 January 2015, HBF only recognises new providers that have a minimum of HLT51507 Diploma in Kinesiology (new: HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology)


Medibank: Since June 2009, Medibank has stated that it recognises AIK Ltd members who have a government accredited HLT51507 Diploma in Kinesiology (new: HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology) or an association accredited Diploma in Kinesiology.  Any educational qualification attained by completing a correspondence only course and/or clinical training that is not under supervision will not be recognised.  Overseas qualifications must at least equate to Australian qualifications. 


In order to qualify and become an accredited health fund services provider, the AIK member has to fulfill the following criteria:
1.    Have 'Registered Professional' membership or membership level above with The Institute. 
2.    Current Provide First Aid Certificate HLTAID003


3.    Current CPR Certificate HLTAID001 (when applying for HCF provider recognition only)

4.    Professional Indemnity Insurance with min. of $2 million cover and $10 million of public liability

5.   20 CPE points per annum. This is subject to audit by health funds and not The Institute, however, it is a requirement to maintain membership of 'Registered Professional' membership level and above levels. This is a requirement for members to be considered eligible to be on the list to the health funds.

Any educational qualifications attained by distance only learning will not be recognised by Health Funds.

Right Health Insurance Cover

It is imperative, however, for our members to inform their clients that in order to get a refund for their Kinesiology session they need to have the right/appropriate private health insurance cover that includes complementary/natural therapies which covers Kinesiology.  Should their health fund generally not cover Kinesiology it is recommended to inform your client about the numerous healthfunds that do and to speak to their healthfund about inclusion of Kinesiology.

How to invoice and receipt your clients