Presenter: Kimberly Ashton

Date: 7 February 2023

TOPIC:  6 Aspects of the Energetics of Food

Join Kimberly Ashton for a presentation on the “6 Aspects of the Energetics of Food” according to Chinese Medicine. Based on a therapeutic approach to food, nutrition, cooking and health she will be exploring the:

  • Thermal/temperature quality of food
  • Building or clearing properties
  • Moistening or Drying effects
  • 5 Flavours
  • Qi Movements/directionality
  • Climate and condition considerations

When we understand the energy and inherent nature of food, we are able to adjust and balance our mind-body-spirit and align ourselves better. This will be a wonderful webinar to learn more about applying food therapy, food energetics and the 5 Elements into daily life for practitioners and clients alike.

ABOUT:  Kimberly Ashton

Kimberly is a 5 Elements Wellness Coach, Chinese Medicine Food Therapist and Teacher with a focus on balancing life energies. Through the lens of the 5 elements, emotional and metaphysical anatomy, her e-books, classes, workshops and courses support people through the layers of discovering their own connection of FOOD – EMOTIONS – ENERGY.   She uses Food Therapy and Food Energetics to improve health from the inside out.  Kimberly has been sharing her passions, coaching and teaching since 2011, and she previously owned the first health food store and kitchen classroom in China.  Kimberly is also the author of two books; “Everyday Chinese Superfoods” and “TCM Inspired Smoothies.”


Attendees’ investment:  $25 and 2 CPE points for AIK Ltd Members.  

(All registered attendees will receive a PDF copy of the Presentation).


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