AIK Ltd Accredited Colleges

The following is a list of Kinesiology Colleges, in alphabetical order, who are Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) or Modality Owners (MOs) or in partnership with RTOs delivering Kinesiology courses which can or may be supportive or based on the National Health Package HLT07 and whose curriculum meets the educational standards and requirements of the Institute.

Note: This is not a definitive list and there may be other colleges delivering accredited Kinesiology courses. Should any other Kinesiology college who is an RTO or MO or in partnership with an RTO wish to be listed here, please contact the AIK Ltd for details and eligibility. Only Colleges who meet the AIK Ltd minimum course requirements will be accepted.

The AIK Ltd would like to thank the following applicants who have recently reapplied for accreditation recognition with AIK Ltd.

To ensure that our members know of your commitment to their profession please know that the AIKCAB has listed these organisations and their status.

Once the accreditation process has been complete the status of these organisations will reflect this for the membership of AIK Ltd.

List of RTO's and MO's - ACCREDITED

(in alphabetical order)



(in alphabetical order)


If you are a training facility or organisation who has not yet reapplied for recognition of accreditation with AIK Ltd, the AIKCAB encourages you to email your application form as soon as possible.

These lists will be periodically updated, so check back regularly!


Should you have any questions, please contact