Panel of Experts: Jennifer Beasley, Sherril Taylor and Karen Humphries

Date: Tuesday 31 October 2023

Time: 7pm AEDT/6pm AEST/4pm AWST

The Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd is proud to support this wonderful event as part of our professional development program available for all AIK Ltd and AKA Inc members.  This event is an event to support our kinesiology community.

This event is an opportunity for professional development for our members to ask questions of three experts in our kinesiology community. Our panel consists of Jennifer Beasley, Sherril Taylor and Karen Humphries.

Jennifer Beasley is a Master Neuro-Trainer, Mentor, Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and an Advanced Diploma in Special Education, Jennifer integrates many modalities for people to gain the power of change. Jennifer is the CEO and Director for the College of Neuro-Training for the last eighteen years Jennifer was and is instrumental in creating programs that meets the current needs of people .. in today’s time. Also, as the Director of Neuro-Intelligence clinics, Jennifer has contributed in Neuro-Training and Kinesiology development since 1984 and been in practice for the past 40 years. Jennifer has given her time and expertise to the professional associations of Kinesiology, both locally and internationally for many years.

Sherril Taylor career and search for knowledge began in 1992 with acupuncture and kinesiology studies, focusing on Applied Physiology in 1998. Sherril became an International Facilitator for Applied Physiology and an International Teacher/Trainer. Sherril has and continues to teach both overseas, Moscow, Ukraine and currently in Mumbai, India, and in Australia. Sherril has been a member of the AIK Ltd since 1998, and supported the AIK Ltd community in a variety of National Executive board roles, including facilitating AIK Ltd Conferences. Sherril is currently the AIK Ltd Secretary and International Relations Co Ordinator.

Karen Humphries is a Change Facilitator. Karen is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who holds qualifications in Kinesiology, Health and Wellbeing Coach, LEAP, TBM, NES Health, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. Before entering the field of alternative and complimentary medicine, Karen holds qualifications in applied science (industrial chemistry), investigator, and HSEQR auditor. She has extensive experience working with and leading teams, as well as servicing large consultancy contracts. Karen is the author of ‘This Is My Roar’, who has used all the tips in her book to recovery from a variety of trauma in her life including PTSD, breast cancer and auto immune disease.

The AIK Ltd National Executive Board is very grateful to have Jennifer, Sherril and Karen as our experts to seek advice relative to the challenges within our industry, for our membership. To enable this event to be informative and another successful AIK Ltd event: All questions are to be emailed to the by the 29 October 2023. Attendees are restricted to 25 – register quickly so you do not miss out.

Investment:  $25.00   AIK Ltd and AKA Inc Members will receive 2 CPE points

Duration 60 Minutes Q&A – Live Event

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