Presenter: Coleen McClymans

Date: Tuesday  13 June 2023

Time: 7.30pm AEST  5.30pm AWST

BY DEMAND: Behind The Mask – The Sequel gives an in-depth and general understanding of how we automatically respond when meeting anyone for the first time. Our genetic inheritance influences our patterns of behaviour, emotional and thought processes. By understanding what causes us to relate and responds to others in certain ways, without a definitive reason, comes from our subconscious decisions though interaction with others, life experiences and conclusions made etc. If you are compared to other family member and you don’t like that person or comment, this influences how you feel about yourself which may affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Facial features i.e., shape, eyes, nose, lips etc all tell a story about how your innately communicate. Your subconscious mind within 15 seconds of meeting someone has automatically decided how you will respond to that person. Genetics and Behaviour are fascinating and once you have an understanding of how your ‘tick’, you are able to live by design and realise more of your magnificence. You will need to have a mirror available for the presentation, as you will be engaged in a defusion should you wish too!

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PRESENTER: Coleen McClymans

Coleen McClymans is the Director of Empowering Dynamics which offers her clients a variety of modalities in which she is qualified – Neuro Training, Kinesiology, Hypnosis and lifestyle strategies. Coleen has knowledge in areas including natural therapies, homeopathy, iridology, nutrition, neurology and Personology (reading faces).

Coleen has extensive training and knowledge and has acquired over 4000 hours to date. Coleen is an instructor for the Neuro Training College with a campus in Perth Western Australia. Coleen has presented on a number of occasions to other associations to support their Continue Professional Education. Coleen is one of the early AIK Ltd members and has represented on the AIK Ltd membership in Director roles such as President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and currently is the Vice President.  As you can tell Coleen is dedicated to supporting her Kinesiology community.

As a consultant and instructor, Coleen’s commitment ensures that clients and students gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they relate in their universe, enabling her to create and maintain a highly professional and successfully career.

Behind The Mask – The Sequel

Duration:  60 minutes including Q and A.  Please have a mirror handy.

(All attendees will receive a PDF of the Power Point Presentation plus their own private link to the recording of the event!)

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