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CPE Requirements

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) has become a necessary part of a professional’s life.

The purpose of CPE is to ensure Professional Practitioners regularly update their clinical skills and professional knowledge. It is a commitment to updating and furthering one’s education.

Participation in the CPE program is mandatory for the following membership levels:

  • Standard Level
  • Registered Level
  • Registered Professional and Levels above

Members with ‘Associate’ and ‘Student’ membership levels are exempt from the requirement.
To fulfil the CPE requirements of your membership level, you are required to provide the following CPE points per year (1 January to 31 December):

  • Standard Level – 5 CPE points
  • Registered Level – 10 CPE points
  • Registered Professional and Levels above – 20 CPE points

Members can carry over excess points – up to 100% of their annual CPE point requirements – from one year to the following year. The same minimum and maximum point principles apply, and the activity must not have been included in the previous year’s CPE records. Please note that AIK Ltd AGM CPE 10 points are not permitted to be carried over from one year to the next.

  • Standard members – 5 CPE points
  • Registered members – 10 CPE points
  • Registered Professional and levels above – 20 CPE points

New Practitioner members joining on or after 1st July in any given year are only required to partake in CPE the following year, starting January. Details about CPE activities and substantiating proof have to be submitted at the end of the first full membership year, December at the latest (when renewing your membership).

Members who do not fulfil this requirement will not qualify for AIK Ltd membership.

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