Presented by Michele Gervaise

Date: Friday 5 July 2024 at 10am AEST/ Thursday 4 July 2024 at 6pm MDT Canada

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Discover the Mystery of the Three Elixir Fields – also known as the San Jiao – The Organ Without Form. In this presentation Michèle Gervais explores the magic of the Three Elixir Fields as the “Social Ambassador” to life, its close partnership with Qi and its vital role as a key player of the immune system. Participants will learn its activation points as the Three Treasures protocol. Discussion of the Microcosmic Orbit and other Extraordinary Vessels will be touched upon.

Presentation will include demonstration of activation Three Elixir Fields and The Three Treasures.

Michèle Marie Gervais graduated from the Faculty St. Jean University of Alberta with two bilingual degrees (B.A. 1986 and a B.Ed 1987). Her professional career was teaching music, art, dance and drama in the school system.

As a classically trained pianist, she continued to teach private music, theory and composition lessons from 1988 to 2008 and during that time became an examiner for theoretical studies for Conservatory Canada (National official examinations for music students in Canada).

As an accomplished musician Michele has always worked to instill the desire of fostering the love of music and the power of sound in healing work. After an emergency surgery in 2004 – Michele began her studies in Classical Chinese medicine and found her way back to health. Using her love of music and gift of teaching as her form of expression, she facilitated workshops on meditation, intentional creativity and vibrational healing since 2009. She completed her Master certification in Sound therapy from Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine (USA) in 2010. Teaching for the Institute until 2012.

In 2013, Gervais created a healing modality called Soundtouch Therapy (blending the theories of Classical Chinese Medicine with the science of sound) and has developed curriculum for those wishing to learn more about incorporating Sound into their healing practices or used as a stand alone therapy.

Her first book Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points made its debut in 2016 and was closely followed by Affirmations for Purposeful Living in 2019. More books coming soon.

Spiritual Portraits of the Energy Release Points

This wonderful book actually compiles the ‘Spiritual Portraits’ of the ‘Acupuncture Points & Meridians’. It explores the underlying themes of every acupuncture point along 20 meridians as well as the meridians themselves. It is a resource written for practitioners of acupuncture, holistic healers, energy workers and all those wishing to access and empower their own self healing and that of their clients.

The book begins by summarising the spiritual/emotional ‘meaning’ or metaphor’ of each meridian. This includes the 12 major meridians and the 8-extra meridians. Following each description is a list or quick reference of each of the acupuncture points along the meridian (numbered and with metaphorical name).

Following that the book launches into a description of each acupuncture point, meridian by meridian (that is, 12 major and the 8-extras). Each point is covered under the heading of ‘Virtues’ and ‘Disharmonies’. These descriptions are quite detailed and are written to indicate physical, mental, emotional & spiritual strengths, blockages, expressions, actions, character, purposes and more.

The author refers to the acupuncture points as ‘Energy Release Points’, so their discussion is also centered around unblocking, activating and releasing.

This book has truly remarkable and sought after information. Whether used consistently in the clinic or occasionally pulled off the home bookshelf, it will no doubt become a very important and useful reference.

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TIME: 90 Minutes
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Duration 90 Minutes  

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