Presenter: Ray Ford

Date: Thursday 22 February 2024

Time:  7pm AEDT/6pm AEST/4pm AWST

This is the first in a trilogy of talks presented by Ray Ford Acupuncturist for 2024.

Introductory Overview of Five Shu Points, including useful facts. The Shu points are a component of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. History, Five Elements of Chinese Medicine are laid out in the Nan Ching. The Five Elements did not originate as a single theory applicable only to acupuncture but as an integral part of an ancient cosmological understanding. The Chinese and the Greek used these cosmological concepts to symbolically describe phenomena in the natural world. Shu points have specific functions laid out from the Nan Ching, regulating the function and channels and the organs. Actions and effects of the Points are shared in this presentation.

You will receive a 46 page document that relates to the Chinese Five Elements – Wu-Xing following registration.

About the Presenter:  Ray Ford

Ray Ford is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in Sydney Australia – the includes both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He has been is private practice for 35 years continuously. His current private practice is in Crows Nest Sydney Australia. He has completed a Masters degree in Acupuncture from UTS and graduated from several periods of post graduate study in China – at the Zhejiang Academy of TCM from 1998 -2003.

In 1998 he opened Sydney’s first low cost community style clinic in Crows Nest Sydney- which made acupuncture affordable to the public for $20 per treatment. This grew to centres in Newtown, Surry Hills and Bondi Junction and to date has completed 60,000 treatments and employed 40 plus acupuncturists both full and part time.

He has practiced the Daoist 3 Dan Tien meditation for many years and is a certified teacher. He has studied TCM as well as many other traditions such as Japanese, Korean and more modern techniques such as Dry Needling. He has a special interest in the Five Elements known as Wu Xing in Chinese Medicine.

Ray is the author of the book Clinical Aromatherapy – using essential oils on acu – points and Channels and he has just released the app Qi Flow( available on the app store) – a very useful acupressure app that encompasses the breadth and depth of using the points and channels of Chinese Medicine with acupressure.

Ray Ford can be contacted on

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