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The Institute has created a National Standard for Kinesiology which is administered by the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Practitioner Registration Board. Professionally trained Kinesiology Practitioners, collectively cover a number of health and wellness issues from stress release, pain management, nutrition, sensitivities, learning difficulties, muscle and sporting injuries, goal setting and many other areas related to helping you achieve optimum well being and improve your performance in all area of your life.

What must be made clear is that a Kinesiologist is not trained to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure. The philosophy behind Kinesiology is of a holistic nature. As a Kinesiologist, you are taught to look at all aspects of the human being; the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. This is the core philosophy of all Kinesiology modalities. By doing so a Kinesiologist empowers individuals by educating them and bringing to an awareness the factors inhibiting them from being their best possible selves. With empathy and understanding, a Kinesiologist ultimately brings their clients to a position of choice in their lives. It is from this position that we can all start moving forward living a healthy, happy and successful life.

Looking for a Kinesiologist?

If you are looking for a Kinesiologist in your area, please click on the 'Find A Kinesiologist' button below to access the online Practitioner Directory. The Directory contains all of The Institute's members that are at a Standard, Registered and Registered Professional level or above.

Should your Kinesiologist not be included in the Directory, this could be because the Kinesiologist:

  • has not met The Institute's requirements for the relevant membership level, or
  • chosen not to be registered with The Institute, or
  • chosen not to have their details listed.

Clicking on the 'Find a Kinesiologist' button will give you access to the online Practitioner Directory and provide access to business data (email addresses, names, phone numbers). The disclosure of this data is voluntary.

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