Presenter:  Karen Humphries

Date: Tuesday  25 July 2023

Time: 7pm AEST / 5pm AWST

Managing the ABREACTION for a client can be confronting and button pushing for the practitioner – regardless of your qualifications and experience. Managing a client’s ABREACTION well will support them to feel safe, secure and build instant rapport.

This webinar will cover the following:

• Definition of ABREACTION

• Red flags symptom stories and emotions

• How to support a client through an ABREACTION

• Homework

• Management of vicarious trauma



DURATION: 60 minutes including Q and A.


BONUS FOR ATTENDEES:  Karen will be sharing her Sustainable Self paced learning program which encourages the small practitioner to create a consistent and sustainable ritual to deliver their beautiful service after the event.

PRESENTER: Karen Humphries

Karen is a Change Facilitator, holding numerous multi-disciplinary qualifications in Kinesiology, Health and Wellbeing Coach, LEAP, TBM, NES Health, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Karen also holds qualifications in applied science (industrial chemistry), investigator, and HSEQR auditor having spent 22 years in the waste industry. She has extensive experience working with and leading teams, as well as servicing large consultancy contracts.

Karen is a self-confessed laughaholic. She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.  Karen is the author of ‘This Is My Roar’, who has used all the tips in her book to recovery from a variety of trauma in her life including PTSD, breast cancer and auto immune disease.



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Duration 60 Minutes
(All registered attendees will receive a PDF copy of the Powerpoint Presentation).

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