Presenter:  We Institute

Date:  31 May 2022

Did you realise all of these things are connected?

Learn how to improve your communication with self and others and ways to understand your mind and develop a growth mindset.

Understanding the crucial aspect of being clear with self and others in communication. A component of this presentation is connecting to the synergy of modalities and the flow on benefits contained particularly around Kinesiology and similar modalities with effective communication following clear understanding of the workings of inner thought processes and outward results.

ABOUT: Kali Spooner

Kali has had a myriad of work experiences, ranging from, corporate, entertainment, hospitality, management and a trainer of several modalities.  Kali’s 15-year experience in alternative healing modalities, coaching and mind set has seen her practice and train others in these modalities in various parts of the world.  Kali is the co-founder of Wellness Empowerment and Training Institute, a training and modality provider of professional qualifications established in Sydney in 2015.  Kali is aware of the benefit of the synergy in undertaking training in NLP, Kinesiology and Hypnosis and this vision is reflected in the offerings of training provided by We Institute.  Currently Kali is in her fourth year of a five-year programme in the Master Trainer program with the Tad James Company. Master trainer programme is the training to be able to train trainers in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.  With her platform and delivery skills Kali also trains students in Timeline Therapy, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis to Master Level.

Additionally, Kali guides students in Anatomy and Physiology, Heart Brain Evolution, Touch For Health Metaphors and Advanced Goal Setting and Kinesiology Principles in Practice.  Touch for Health Teacher Training Workshop and BKP Kinesiology from ICPKP College.

$25 and 2 CPE points.

DURATION: 60 minutes
(all registered attendees will receive a PDF copy of the Powerpoint Presentation).

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