Presenter: Amanda Campbell

Date:  16 July 2022

TOPIC:    Navigating change, a rebuild of your business and life

When we are tired, stressed, and anxious we tend to overthink the future. We feel tired, and disengaged.  We become stuck in the past – living on autopilot.  This impacts our ability to be at our best, at home, at work and within our relationships.  I believe that flexibility builds resilience in people, and building resilience in people in turn, improves business.   It is a mindset, flexible and adaptable, we can see our obstacles as opportunities.  The truth is right now – you have no idea how adaptable you are.   Discover your ability and learn how to master your mindset, re-imagine your future possibility with The Bend Like Bamboo virtual resilience workshop. 

Amanda Campbell

As a Kinesiologist, resilience trainer, and keynote speaker, Amanda works with CEOs, leaders, individuals, and teams, helping them to master resilience, and uncover blind spots to achieve their personal and professional goals. How does Amanda do this? Amanda teaches people how to Bend Like Bamboo. Amanda believes that mastering change with flexibility builds resilience in people, and building resilience in people, improves business. Available in-person and online, The Bend Like Bamboo resilience program is customisable for workplaces around Australia and globally.

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