Practitioner Support Program

A new Practitioner Support Program was released in May 2019 to provide another avenue for members to gain support, improve their practice and contribute to the modality of Kinesiology.

Participation in the new Practitioner Support Program is voluntary and it replaces the Mentoring Program that was introduced in December 2017.

Partaking in any of the activities related to the Practitioner Support Program will earn you CPE points.

The Practitioner Support Program includes the following pathways:

  • Mentoring Program
  • Peer Support Program

To access the new Program please select the following button:



The Practitioner Support Program is designed with a few basic and key elements in mind:

  • the wholistic (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental) support of our members;
  • the support of the personal and professional wellbeing of our members;
  • the provision for the maintenance, growth and development of our members skill sets and knowledge;
  • recognition for the self-directed development that is already taking place by our members, and
  • the connection and community of Kinesiologists, for the benefit and growth of Kinesiology in Australia.



The new Practitioner Support Program is voluntary, and as such all members are encouraged to participate in these activities to gain support for themselves as Kinesiology practitioners, and indeed to sustain their personal growth.

It is highly recommended that members with less than 5 years of clinical experience seek out a Mentor to support them, and partake in Peer Support activities.

We acknowledge that many members are already undertaking their own self-directed personal and professional development, and this new Practitioner Support Program seeks to encourage and reward that activity.

Mentoring versus Peer Support

Mentoring occurs when there is a gap of experience between the Mentor (an AIK Ltd recognised Mentor) and the member. The Mentor is significantly more experienced than the member. For example, the Mentor may be someone who has significantly more practice experience.

Peer Support is restricted to Kinesiology activities only. This fosters the practice of techniques and the support of one another whilst ensuring that we only use techniques that we have gained an official qualification in. Peer support can occur when there is no significant gap in experience.

Please refer to the Practitioner Support Program for further details.


Mentoring as well as Peer Support can be conducted face-to-face, over the phone or via online media. The activity can be carried out one-on-one or in a group setting.

Continuous Professional Education (CPE)

Members are able to obtain a maximum of 5 CPE per year for each of the following practitioner support activities:

  • Receiving Mentoring
  • Providing Mentoring
  • Participating in Peer Support activities.

The Mentors Declaration Form can be downloaded here: Mentors Declaration Form

The Peer Support Declaration Form can be downloaded here: Peer Support Declaration Form

Requirements to become a Mentor

Kinesiologists (AIK Ltd members and none-AIK Ltd members alike) as well as Professionals recognised by other Professions as Mentors can apply for recognition with the AIK Ltd:

In order to apply for recognition as an AIK Ltd Mentor please complete and return the Mentor Nomination Form to

The Mentor Nomination Form can be downloaded here: Mentor Nomination Form

Who can provide Peer Support

  • Trained Kinesiologists with similar level of professional experience to the member seeking Peer Support
  • Kinesiology Student with similar level of professional experience to the member seeking Peer Support

Kinesiologists offering Peer Support do not have to be recognised by the AIK Ltd.

What to do if you don't have a Mentoring qualification but would like to be a recognised Mentor

If you wish to be recognised with AIK Ltd as a Mentor and you do not have existing qualifications as a recognised Mentor then you are able to sit the AIK Ltd Presentation 'Mentoring in Kinesiology' and complete a brief RPL Assessment at no cost. This process will be of sufficient standard to qualify the individual to provide mentoring services to AIK Ltd members.

The assessment involves your written response to 8 Mentoring questions which you will have to return to the AIK Ltd for assessment. Once assessed the AIK Ltd will notify you about your result.

If you would like to undergo the AIK Ltd Mentoring program including Assessment please email AIK Ltd

Directory of AIK Ltd Accredited Mentors

A list of AIK Ltd accredited Mentors can be accessed via the button below. Your accredited Mentor may not appear in the Directory if they have chosen to opt out of it.