The Institute is established for the purposes set out below:

  • To promote and foster the understanding of all Accredited Modalities of Kinesiology
  • To promote and foster the sharing of knowledge and ideas between practitioners of Accredited Modalities of Kinesiology;
  • To formulate, accredit and publish uniform standards for Kinesiology practice and use these standards to facilitate the development and management of Kinesiology;
  • To work towards recognition of the role of Kinesiology;
  • To work towards the official recognition of Kinesiology by government as a recognized branch of the health and healing profession; and
  • To work towards improved health and the relief of sickness and suffering within the Commonwealth of Australia.


Education and Training in Kinesiology

The Institute, as a self regulating Industry Body supports and oversees Education and Training in Kinesiology delivered by registered instructors and Registered Training Providers (RTOs). All Kinesiology courses recognised by The Institute are Proprietary and copyrights are held by course authors.

All Kinesiology courses are ratified and accredited by The Institute's Course Accreditation Board (AIKCAB).  The following is a simple diagram outlining this structure.


AIK Ltd Administrative Structure:

AIKNEstructure.jpg - large