Presenter: Sherril Taylor

Date: Monday 20 November 2023

Time:  7pm AEDT/6pm AEST/4pm AWST

TOPIC:  Understanding Your Relationship with Power!

Join Sherril Taylor for an interactive presentation on the “Understanding Your Relationship with Power”.

A personal engaging and insightful communication course from the ‘Right Use of Power’ program developed by Cedar Barstow.  This course is designed to offer inspiration, practical guidance, increased ethical awareness and wisdom in your role as a professional and your relationship to power.   You will gain the skill to use the material and communication and mindful exercises from RUP Program.

“Using power in an ethical way is learning to use power wisely”. Cedar Barstow Founder of Right Use of Power

What do you know about your power?

Have you been hurt by someone misusing their power?

Do you have the skill to discuss sensitive issues with powerful people?

Power is the ability have an effect or influence.

When situations devolve, there is unnecessary suffering, relationships and systems are not repaired, people feel stuck, disempowered and/or chaos could happen—and there is or has been a misuse of power, underuse of power, abuse of power, or unskillful use of power present or hidden.

There are two kinds of power:  Personal and Role in unique combination.  Personal power is a birthright constant.  It may be owned, developed, refined, lost, and found again and again over a lifetime.  Role power is the increased power, influence, and responsibility that accompany every role with authority.  Especially significant up-power roles are teacher, therapist, clergy, doctor, and politician.  This power is role-specific and is mutable–taken off and put on.

Own your power, Have heart.   Stand in your power, Stay in your heart.  Gain more awareness about your history with Power and the effect.

Awareness is Power.

ABOUT:  Sherril Taylor

Sherril Taylor is a thorough professional with a caring, happy disposition, and a heathy lifestyle.  She adds a personal touch to classes, believing they should be fun, lively and interactive. Sherril specialises in practitioners and Instructors in the Applied Physiology method.  Her love of these modalities, her personal passion and wealth of experience is felt when attending her seminars.

Sherril has more than two decades experience as a practitioner and teacher.  She is a Registered Specialist Professional member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Limited (AIK Ltd) and a Professional member of the Australian Therapeutic Medicine Society (ATMS).  Sherril is on the currently the Secretary and International Co Ordinator Director of AIK Ltd, and has a rich history of supporting the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

Website: Sherril’s Story – Kinesiology International : Training in Kinesiology – Applied Physiology and Kinergetics (

Attendees’ investment:  $25 and 2 CPE points for AIK Ltd and AKA Inc Members.  

(All registered attendees will receive a PDF copy of the Presentation and private access to the recording).


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