Presenter: Jennifer Beasley

Date: 18 April 2023, Tuesday

Time: 7:30 pm

For centuries, throughout the world, Hand Analysis/Cheirology has been used to identify psychological conflicts using the shape of the hand.  In recent European history Cheirology was used consistently as the main diagnostic tool in some hospitals. Analysis is your reference that shows a person’s expression of their psyche, their emotional self, and of their ability to put themselves into the outside world. It is our Inherited Mental References expressed through the psyche of the individual.

Your hand shows all your resources, all that is possible for you. Unfortunately, with the stressors accumulated throughout our lives, a lot of what the hand would represent becomes a picture of how we are limiting ourselves.  By the end of this fascinating webinar and you will have the foundational skills to analyse the hands of your friends, families, and clients, apply this in your clinic work and easily defuse the build-up of inherited stress factors people carry.

$27.50 and 2 CPE points.

Duration 60 Minutes
(all registered attendees will receive a PDF copy of the Powerpoint Presentation).

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